Pool Operator Classes

It is with a heavy heart the Fielding and Westbrook families must share that Roy Fielding passed away unexpectedly. He was and always will be the best of the best, The Pool Professor, family to us, mentor to so many people, and of course, loving husband to Mary Gaye. We are trying to find a way to move through the world without his incredible presence. It won’t be easy and it never will be when someone who is so profound and who has left such an impact on the world leaves it. We are working on a way to create a memorial worthy of his legacy, love, and impact. Our family is heartbroken. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts in regards to Roy and the rest of the family.
-The Fielding and Westbrook Families


We will be working through refunds over the coming months.  If you have any needs please reach out to Andrew Wojton at AndrewWojton@gmail.com

Quick Facts About the Courses

  • Both courses meet the requirements of the State of North Carolina for pool and spa operators.
  • Taught by a current pool operator with more than 45 years of experience.
  • Choice of a one day state training course or a two day national certification
  • Two day Pool and Hot Tub Alliance Certified Pool/Spa Operators Course (CPO) is a state of the art course for the aquatic professional. We can do both North and South Carolina Pool Operators with the Two Day and Blended Course.
  • Taught by someone that helped rewrite the NEW NC rules for swimming pools and the PHTA NEW CPO Manual.

The following are the different choices you have:

The National Swimming and Spa Foundation (NSPF) has changed to the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

Two-Day Course – a must for the aquatics facility operator of today. Meets and exceeds the state requirements. Good for five years. $300.00  This is the minimum price that the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance will let instructors charge! Available of ONLINE or in a classroom setting.

Blended Course – first you would complete the PHTA Pool Operator Primer – I will provide you with the course access code. Present the Record of Completion at a one day course and take the national exam at the end of the day. Good for 5 years. Save time and money. $300.00

**NEW** Online One-Day Course – the materials you need to meet the State of North Carolina requirements. Can be done on your time schedule and everything is done via email. To the point instruction. Good for five years. $125.00

One-Day Course – the materials you need to meet the State of North Carolina  requirements. To the point instruction. Good for five years. $125.00.  Enroll three or more students in the one day class and save $15.00 per student.

Online Renewal Special – materials will be emailed to you can work at your pace. This will NOT renew the PHTA CPO national certification two day course. Good for 5 years $110.00


Courses – One vs. Two-Day

The one-day course is approved by the state to meet the requirements of the North Carolina Public Swimming Pool Statutes. You can take a blended learning course from PHTA and the Pool Professor and in a one day course receive the prestigious PHTA CPO certification. The two-day course meets the requirements of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification and the North Carolina’s requirement, it is a true national certification. The Two Day course is needed for both Wake County, North Carolina and all of South Carolina. Two-day students will use the New PHTA Pool/Spa Operators Handbook. We encourage all students to take the full two-day PHTA Certified Pool Operators (CPO) course and receive the nationally recognized certification. Certification is good for 5 years.

**New** Online One-Day

This is designed to help you meet the requirements of the State of North Carolina for a Pool/Spa Operator. Everything will done online via email to help conform to the current concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.  All materials will be emailed to you and you complete the course on your time schedule. When finished you return them via email for grading. This is NOT a national certification nor does it meet the requirements for Wake County nor South Carolina.

Online Renewal Special

Save money, time and travel by renewing your State of North Carolina Pool Operator Training with the Pool Professor. Here is how it works:

  1. You must have already successfully taken a pool operator course and can provide a photocopy of such training.
  2. You will be emailed reference materials and a take home exam to be completed and emailed back in for grading.
  3. Upon achieving a passing grade you will receive renewal documentation for renewal for another 5 year period of time. This will include a documentation of training. The fee is $110.00.
  4. You get two chances on the exam – after that you need to attend a one-day class nearest you at no extra charge.
  5. Remember this is only for the State of North Carolina and not the National PHTA CPO two day course.


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