Frequently Asked Questions

Is the one day class good in the State of North Carolina?
Yes, it meets all the requirements by the State of North Carolina. Wake County has a stricter policy regarding pool operators than the rest of the state. If you operate a pool in Wake County you must successfully take the two day course or the Blended Course and a separate Wake County exam.


If I were planning to work in another state which course would you recommend?
I would recommend the two day Pool and Hot Tub Alliance CPO course. South Carolina requires passing the blended or two day course and the addendum exam just for South Carolina. It is the most widely used and respected course in the country. I personally would recommend the two day course for everyone that working in aquatics is a major part of their job.


If I take the two day class do I have to take the dates of the course together?
No, if it better fits your schedule you can day one of course and then take day two of the course at another date.


Can I pay for the course using a credit card?
Yes, we take almost any major credit card.


Will I receive documentation to give the health department right after my class?
Yes, you will receive documentation at the end of the first day so that you can give it to the health department immediately.


How can I get directions to the course?
I will email you the directions within a week and a half of the class.


Let’s say I have a question that I want to ask you about my pool, what should I do?
I will more than happy to help answer any question I can either via email or text me at 704-502-0142.


Is there a fee for your consultation?
Generally I am more than happy to help as best I can. If it involves travel and onsite work we can talk about that as we proceed.


Tell me about the Renewal Special!
Save money, time and travel by renewing your State of North Carolina Pool Operator Training with the Pool Professor. Here is how it works:

    • You must have already successfully taken a pool operator course and can provide a scanned document of such training.
    • You will be emailed reference materials and a take home exam to be completed and emailed back in for grading.
    • Upon achieving a passing grade you will receive renewal documentation for renewal for another 5 year period of time. The fee is $110.00.
    • You get two chances on the exam –after that you need to attend a one-day class nearest you at no extra charge.